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How important is your mobile phone???


"Could you afford to replace your mobile phone if it was lost, stolen or badly damaged? Have you got the spare cash to repair or replace it today, tomorrow, next week?"


For just a few pounds a month you could have mobile phone insurance to cover you for all eventualities!

Welcome to mobile phone insurance king. Here you can compare mobile phone insurance quotes for loss, theft and accidental damage for all makes and models of mobile phones in the UK.

Are you still wondering if you need dedicated mobile phone insurance? Check out our simple guide 'do I need mobile phone insurance?' Basically, could you can afford to replace your mobile phone if it's lost, stolen or badly damaged? Could you afford to cover the cost of an expensive repair bill? If the answer is NO then you could benefit from having mobile phone insurance.

Modern mobile phones cost hundreds of pounds to buy new ( e.g. iPhone 5 64GB = 699 ) and are now more delicate than ever with their big screens. Even some desirable second hand phones will still cost 200+ to buy.

Most people get their phone for free or cheap with a contract so don't ever pay the full value price. If the phone then gets badly damaged, lost or stolen it will come as a big shock to have to find the money to replace or repair it.

Mobile phone insurance could save you a small fortune in repair bills if your mobile is badly damaged or replacing your phone if its damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen. You can get mobile phone insurance for loss, theft, accidental damage and unauthorised calls for just a few pounds a month.

The following table is for mobile phone insurance for mobile phones worth 250:

( If your phone is worth a different amount please go here to compare insurance quotes )

*Please note - Insurance cover is based on the current value of your phone.


Please make sure you read the terms and conditions of a mobile phone insurance policy before buying. There have been lots of complaints recently about mobile phone insurance companies not honouring their policies for one reason or another. In reality its the consumer that has either bought the wrong cover or has not read the terms and conditions properly. Insurance companies will always honour a rightful claim. If you need to contact us for any reason please use our contact form.

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